Monday, September 05, 2005

What's Your Animaniac Character?

I'm Yakko

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

Talkative, huh? Perhaps sing-ative would be more appropriate, actually. When people don't understand something, it usually drives you to cutting, sarcastic remarks. Your other extreme is bursting into song with almost no prompting, often to explain complex ideas. No one knows quite what you are, exactly. You have made many "special" friends, and there's baloney in your slacks.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Paco Roboto

Jimmy designed a new Superhero on Microsoft Paint.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Song: Camp Stinky

The Camp Stinky Anthem is a tribute to the worst, stinkiest, most putrid camp in all of the world. It caters to grouches and humbugs. This is their song, which is a continual work in Progress.

Words by Jimmy Johnson and Bob Reiss

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
all the folks will run away
there's trash in all the cabin rooms
that should make a grouches day.

Our food is always very old
dried and cracked and full of mold
some camps have juice and others tea
we have puddle water that taste like Buffalo pee.

Camp Stinky. Camp Stinky
where the staff don't give a dam
welcome to our complaint department
now why don't you just "SCRAM!!!!"

Some camps have lots of fun,
things to do all day
Camp Stinky's pool is full of mud
and the lifeguards ran away.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
where the grounds are full of trash
the beds are rough, so you'll toss and turn
and probably get a rash

Some camps have a petting zoo
we just have a sty
you can probably play rotten fruit dodge ball
but you might just lose an eye.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
our nurses are quite mean
their hands are cold and their voices harsh
and they smell like gasoline

Some camps have a rousing tune
they sing with style and glee
our camp's song is really dumb
and sung quite out of key.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
You'd stay away if you're smart
our camp director is crazy
and smells like a day old fart.

Our camp band is called The Trash
they don't have a single fan
their shows are always full of grouches
but not a single man.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
all your wheelchairs will get stuck
cause the grass is dead and the dirt is wet
instead of sidewalks there's just muck.

We only hire the worst of the lot,
too lazy to meet your wishes
they'll throw your luggage in the mud,
and feed you off dirty dishes.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
our horses will give you fleas.
our woods contain only grumpy squirrels
who will try to bite your knees.

We only celebrate one Holiday a year
We call it The Day of the Grouches
We'll pass around the warm Worm-Ade
as we sit on rotten couches.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
You can't find it on any map
the gate is only open 2 minutes a day
and it's covered in sticky sap.

Our camp flag is quite distinct
the color of a rotten yam
our motto represents our greatest creed
Camp Stinky "Get away, now. SCRAM!!!"

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
going nowhere would be better
It's never sunny. It only rains.
and the roofs just get you wetter.

Every year when the State inspects
we fail each and every code
they found slugs in the fridge one year
and some rats in the commode.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
on the top of Mount Picanose
where the trees are full of green glop
that will fall right on your toes.

Some camps are know for their scenic views
or beaches as white as a pearl
our camp is known for it's awful smell
that just might make you hurl.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
don't forget about Oscar's Group
a club for complaining and general malaise
and for eating Stink Beetle Soup.

Most camp patrons are full of smiles
and lots of happy cheers
our camp is full of grouches
who have been depressed for many years.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
we cater to the louts
if you want a good night sleep
our staff will scream and shout.

The headline in "The Grouch Review"
says Camp Stinky is the worst
Any kids expecting fun
will have their bubble burst.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
rated two thumbs down!!
by the famous Roger Grouchbert
and every one in town.

One year at another camp
I was on the softball team
but the only sport at Camp Stinky
is to make the children scream.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
will make you lose your mind
you'll scream and yell and hide in trees
and bite you dog's behind.

Some Sesame Street friends have been there
like Bob, Mr. Hooper and Maria
Yet Camp Stinky drove them all away
and gave them diarrhea.

Camp Stinky, Camp Stinky
It will make your stomach turn
Your skin will itch and your hair fall out
And your armpits will start to burn.

Song: Jimmy's Got The Blues

My baby's done left me,
on that day of Memorial
so now all I do is sit around
and use the urinal.

She took all my money
now she's high on the hog
all I have left now
is a mangy old hound dog.

He sits in the Kitchen
a he pee's on my floor,
sometimes he like to sniff me
so we're friends for ever more.

His Name is Blues...
Yeah, I got the Blues...
He may be angry and flea ridden,
but he answers all my cues.

His name is Blues...
Yeah, Jimmy's Got the Blues.

Jimmy's Song Lists

Album #1 with Bob

Simply Jimmy's Life
Part 1
The Sequence
The Movie
The Country Remixes
Dedicated to Shawn Councel


Ham & Cheese on Rye with Mustard
Don't Sell My Truck
Shut Up Danny
I Ain't Nothin' But A Superman
A Bow A Bow -- Chucky's Song
Who's on My Side
8:00 Meds
The Wildwood Blues
Don'tTalk To Benji
I Got The Jelly, If You Got The Donut
4 Shiza
Back To New York

Album #2 With Alexa

Title "I'm You Neighbor"
Rock & Roll
Alexa & Jimmy Sing:

Song Titles:
I Like Pendell Apartments
America, Love it or Leave It
Pick Up Your Trash, or Hit The Road
You Better Watch Out Rap featuring Cool Bob Diddy
You Can Give Me A Hug
I Like You Even If You Fart, and I Hope You Fell The Same About Me
Beat It (Michael Jackson remake)
Monster Mash
I Love Superheroes, They Are OK By Me

Featuring the hit Video:
Mostor Mash Rap

General Ideas


As a member of MIB: Men in Black Jimmy needs to own a Bulldog.

Jimmy is writing a play:

NICK GAS's Double Dare 2005


Jimmy is moving to:

Historic Valley Forge, Pa.

6/4/05 (4 Days until Jimmy's Birthday June 8th)

Jimmy is starting his own amusement called Jim & Bob's World.


Jimmy doesn't mind being an uncle for Matthew Antonio Reiss. Jimmy will give him hugs and kisses.

Jimmy's new superpower is SHAZAM!!!! Also known as Captain Marvel he can shoot lighning beams and call up the power of the gods to fight evil.

Career Ideas


Jimmy could work at a nursing home.

He would be a male nurse.
$30,000 salary


Jimmy wants to work at a cemetary.
$20 p/hour plus benefits.
Hazrd pay if cemetary is haunted.
Jimmy would not be scared.


Jimmy will work for the cable company.
Comcast (1-800- Comcast)

Jimmy can install and repair cable and DSL linesfor computers. Jimmy will get paid $20 p/hour plus free digital cable with HBO.

TV Show Ideas

Spiderman TV Show:

Jimmy Johnson as Spiderman/Peter Parker
Bob Reiss as Fireman

Double Dare 2000
Team: Jimmy, Bob, Matt, Alexa
Team Name: The Blue Suede Dudes

Jimmy Johnson's Happy Days

Jimmy Johnson as "The Fonz" HEY!!!!!!!

Jimmy is hosting a new show on NICK GAS.

Movie Ideas


Jimmy is starring in "Muppets Take Manhatten"


"Muppets Meet Jimmy Johnson" TV Movie Special

This TV special is played ecery Fourth of July on Fox TV and CBS.

Jimmy is playing Ralph the Dog


The Flintstone Movie

Fred: Jimmy Johnson
Barney: Bob Reiss
Wilma: Becky McCormick
Dino: Munch the Dog
Betty: Chris the Nurse

Muppet TV

Jimmy Johnson as Ralph
Bob Reiss as Animal
Becky McCormick as Ms. Piggy
Chucky Fredericks as Scouter
Bob the Budsriver as "Pete"
Anthony Finley as The Swedish Chef
Kyle Keiser as Dr. Teeth